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Puggle Information

Answers to commonly asked puggle questions

What kind of dog is a puggle?
What is a Puggle?
- A puggle is a mix between a male Pug and a Female Beagle

Why mix a Pug and a Beagle? - A pug and a Beagle is mixed to create a Puggle to combine characteristics of each dog! A Puggle will have a thick set body, short hair, and a smooth coat. The will typically have short legs and a wrinkly forehead with drooping ears.

What colors are puggles? - A puggle is usually tan or fawn with some black and white markings. Some puggles are also tri-colour. You could also see our puggle pictures page

How much does a puggle weigh? - Puggles generally weigh 15-30 pounds (unless you feed them too much!) the average weight of a puggle should be around 20 pounds.

How tall are puggles? - Your typical puggle will be 11-15 inches tall at the shoulders

What is a Puggles temperament like? - Puggles are not usually hyper-active but they are an energetic dog (like many smaller dogs are) Puggles enjoy exercise regularly and are very affectionate towards others. Puggles like to dig holes (like their beagle parent) and are generally eager to please!

How much does a Puggle shed? - Puggle shed like all dogs do (even the "hypo-allergenic" ones) however because they are a short haired dog and fairly small (less surface area) the shedding tends to be minimal

How much should I feed my Puggle? - Puggles tend to be between 15-30 pounds. For a dog this size you should feed 1 to 1 and a half cups of food a day. You should feed your puggle two or three times a day. There are many other variations of feeding as some people believe in free feeding (just having food available all the time) while some dogs can maintain proper weight with this method, others will gorge themselves and become overweight. Others believe in raw feeding, which gives dogs raw foods like fruits, meats and vegetables. Raw feeding is a good method, but not plausible for some people.

What is a pocket puggle? - A "pocket puggle" is a sales technique to try and sell a breeders puggle. A pocket puggle is the same mix (male pug and female beagle) but the breeder just breeds the smallest beagle they can find with the smallest pug they can find. Just as two short parents can produce a tall child, two small dogs can produce a larger puppy. There is no guarantee that your "pocket puggle" will be smaller than a puggle you purchase from any other breeder

How much is a puggle? - How much does a puggle cost? - The cost of a puggle varies depending on the breeder. In the low range you can buy a puggle for around $300, sites like kijiji and craigslist often have cheap puggles advertised however you should always ensure you are buying your puppy from a reputable breeder. In the high range puggles can cost $1000 or more. When you pay $1000 for a puggle you are paying for more than just the dog. At this price the breeder should have done health tests on the parents. The tests would ensure the parents are free of congenital health problems that are common in dogs. For $1000 or more your puppy should also have all of their shots, be microchipped and come with a health guarantee.

Where to buy a puggle? - There are a few puggle breeders out there, many breeders do not even have a website and just sell their puppies on classified sites. I suggest llooking for breeders who have websites first as breeders with websites are usually more reputable, also you will be able to find information about the breeder on thier website. I have some puggle breeders listed on my site, see them here Puggle breeders








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